Transaction Services in MicroStrategy Mobile – Yashwanth Vasireddy (Nalgan)

MicroStrategy has come up with a new advanced feature in 9.2.1 version called as Transaction Services. Transaction services is an inbuilt function in MicroStrategy which intensifies the user experience by enabling write-back capability with the data stored in existing transactional systems and the data warehouse. The users can even update, insert and delete a record in the database just by interacting with the dashboard or documents via desktop or mobile with one click.

User can act on business information anytime from anywhere by approving requests, submitting orders, changing plans, capturing instant feedback and many more features can be done with Transaction Services. Transaction Services documents are typically designed for use in mobile. MicroStrategy Transaction Services provides users the flexibility of designing their own Free Form Transaction reports and hand-picking of data to perform each transaction.

Transaction services, is an add-on component to intelligence server just like OLAP services or Report services. We can find this option during installation under MicroStrategy Intelligence server product.

Benefits of Transaction Services

  • User can approve, submit, or edit information even when they are offline. These offline, transactions are queued for submission when the user comes online.
  • User can view or modify their transactions from any place and at any time via mobile instead of going to the desktop.
  • Transaction Services helps the users to predict the what-if scenario of their organizations to analyze the future trends and to implement them strategically.
  • No coding is required to create a Transaction Service app interface that enables to perform several operations like insert, delete and update. Users can design apps using a range of flexible input controls.

Wide range of applications can be implemented in various fields using Transaction Services.
In communication sector, we can use Transaction Services for Store Operations Analysis, Customer Profile Analysis, Network Maintenance Operations Management and many more. In Health Care sector, it is useful for Supply Monitoring and Management, Payer Authorizations, Sales Representative Support, so on. Like this in various fields like Retail Sector, Banking and Financial services, Insurance services, Stock market and many more sectors can be influenced by this Transaction Services.

Work Flow of Transaction Services

  • When the application starts, the most current data from the Data Warehouse will be loaded.
  • The data displayed will be refreshed to check for the update or the most current data by sending a request to the MicroStrategy web if the application is Online.
  • User will insert, modify or delete the data accordingly with the help of appropriate controls.
  • Once the user submits the modifications, the data is validated. Later if the user is online, the data is sent to MicroStrategy Web, from where it goes to the Intelligence Server where a Freeform SQL is generated based upon the modifications done on the data. If the user is offline, the modifications on the data is accepted and stored in the Local Machine till the connection is set.
  • Later the Data will be uploaded into the Data Warehouse accordingly.
  • Once the Data Warehouse has been updated, the data displayed in the application will be refreshed for the current data.

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