New features added to MicroStrategy 9.3 – Pavani Dasari (Nalgan)

In Intelligence Server

Parallel SQL Execution: With this new feature, Intelligence server executes multi pass SQL in parallel reducing the execution time .If the SQL passes are unrelated, then they are executed simultaneously. If the first SQL pass is related to second pass, then it executes in a sequential manner .This process is only done for permanent tables.

Intelligent in memory “Total” calculations: Subtotals and totals for counting distinct derived metrics are dynamically aggregated from base level data stored in memory data by eliminating double counting in totals.

New VLDB setting –“Incremental data transfer”: This setting is added under Query Optimization option in VLDB Settings. It determines whether data that is transferred between intelligence server and database is performed using single transfer, multiple or incremental transfer of data. This option in report and project level helps in reducing the memory usage.


Network Visualization: This is a new widget for visualization and Report services. This feature allows user to quickly and easily identify relationships between related items and clusters.

Graph Matrix Visualization: It is an interactive visualization widget which displays data using variety of graph Styles. This wizard offers users more starting options from graph matrix visualization that use variety of graph styles such as linear, bubble graph or bar graph.

Density Map: Density Map is a widget which allows user to see color coded data. This feature allows user to display locations as map Markers and show relationship between locations as lines between map makers.

RS Documents

Multiple panels and visualizations in layout: In this version, multiple panels can be used in one layout and multiple visualizations in one panel. This enables user to compare data in multiple visualization on same screen.

Apply grouping selections to all Layouts: This option enables applying grouping of attributes between multiple layouts. To use this feature the designer must have same attribute as a grouping selection in each individual layout. Navigation: Document properties->Advanced->Layout->apply grouping selection to all layouts.

Themes: In previous versions MicroStrategy supports only dark color theme .This version supports both dark and light color theme for visual Insight analysis.

New features in Dashboards

Multiple Datasets: we can add multiple datasets to dashboard for better analysis. These datasets could be reports that are either sourced from Data warehouse or intelligent cubes.

Synchronized Drilling across Templates: This allows the user to drill through the grids/graphs on dashboards in a synchronized manner, i.e., if the drill is performed on one grid /graph object in the dashboard it automatically applies drilling on other grid/graph objects in the same dashboard. This feature will be enabled and used when the user drills on source template.

Custom Display Forms and sort for select controls: This is an enhancement to existing selectors in the dashboard. Custom display form allows user to set display forms conveniently and separators for selector’s elements. This feature also allows user to sort selection elements.

Export Single Grid/Graph: we can export single visualization or current view of whole visualization as image. Additionally; users can export individual grid/graph in the dashboard with single click.

Export to PDF (Selector display behavior): In this version users can specify the behavior of selectors while exporting to PDF. This feature enables the selectors to look and feel as original buttons/bar displayed in the dashboard and displays all the elements in the button/bar.

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