MicroStrategy Mobile Apps – A Walkthrough

MicroStrategy Mobile is the easiest and fastest way to mobilize practically all of the information systems, including data warehouses’ currently trapped on the desktop. With access on mobile devices to critical corporate data and systems that drive the business,people literally have their offices in their hands.

Monitoring an organization’s performance in the palm of one’s hand anytime and anywhere is a powerful  business capability. Companies choose MicroStrategy for its ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability.

MicroStrategy mobile apps

MicroStrategy mobile apps are clients that  one can install on their mobile devices that enable them to access and interact with MicroStrategy business intelligence data.

MicroStrategy provides the following clients :

  • MicroStrategy mobile for I Phone.
  • MicroStrategy mobile for I Pad.
  • MicroStrategy mobile for Android.

MicroStrategy mobile for I Phone and I Pad work best with IOS version 5 or later. The MicroStrategy mobile for I Phone and I Pad are available from the apple app store free of charge.

On opening a MicroStrategy mobile app for the first time after installation the default home screen is displayed. The default home screen enables one to navigate between demo apps hosted by MicroStrategy marketing department.

Default Home Screen for IPad


Default Home Screen for I Phone


Default apps by Microstrategy



Sales is driven by targets and incentives. Providing one’s sales force with the right information at the right time energizes and motivates them to better their targets and hence generate more revenue. It also drives sales efficiency through effective utilization of one’s sales force and reduces sales cost.

This app uses analytics and custom sales dashboards at every step of the sales process, from prospecting, territory analysis, and lead management to pipeline coverage, pipeline quality, account management, forecasting, and more. Track and analyze real-time or near-real-time indicators to make sure that the sales team are top-performers, and keep key sales metrics in sight.



Lots of data is already available to retailers to make good decisions – from loyalty programs and web analytics to third-party information and point-of-sale details. But there’s a big gap between having the data and putting it to work for you. Microstrategy’s analytical depth and visualization capabilities can help improve ones’s retail analytics.

This app helps store inspectors to locate stores,rate amenities,and access comprehensive store histories and also helps in analysing buying trends,evaluate promotions,and view customer information.

Financial Services


Successful wealth management depends on intelligent data. But the amounts of time and energy wealth managers spend understanding that data is overwhelming.

MicroStrategy offers a better way. This app shows managers the l distribution of their selected measure— assets under management, revenue, sales, and more. It also offers them 4 other related views of that measure, providing insight into top advisors, regional distribution, trends over time and also allows them to drill into details for rapidly changing market events.



In our continuing series detailing the duties of a CFO, today we discuss the CFO’s role as it relates to Pricing and Cost Analysis.  With well conceived analysis, a CFO can really earn their keep in these areas.  In today’s business climate making sure that pricing is just right is as critical as ever.  Likewise, keep costs contained and margins intact is necessary to keep pricing at a point that will allow for an acceptable bottom-line profit.

This app enables managers to approve or deny time off requests,review purchase orders and track personal actions.

This app helps CFO to constantly work with management to identify areas for cost and expense reduction, increase accountability and improve efficiency,track and resolve issues.

All MicroStrategy apps in single tab


Above one can  see all the apps related various business sectors available in a single tab.