MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop -Vs- MicroStrategy Developer

MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop is a fast, effortless, and helps to explore data and share insights on your computer. It is a self-service business analytics solution designed to help the user intuitively access and explore data without expert assistance. Previously known as MicroStrategy Desktop and only recently re-branded as MicroStrategy Developer this tool is the mainstay of Developers, Administrators, Architects, Power Users, Analysts and Report Consumers – pretty much every category of MicroStrategy users.

MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop lets the user to access data instantly and securely without complex scripting, discover insights using compelling data visualizations, organize information in interactive dashboards but has a limit on the size of data it can handle i.e 5GB memory available for import data and the maximum amount of data that can be imported one time from a database is 1GB .Developer on the other hand supports additional data sources, pixel-perfect document editing tools, and enhanced sharing capabilities. Data imported into developer are stored as in-memory cubes on  the servers to facilitate faster response times and optimize performance. These cube sizes are dependent on both the amount and types of data being pulled in and are not necessarily equivalent to the actual file size of the data.

Analytics Desktop is designed for business people who need to visualize, analyze, and deliver data on their own, in an on-premises environment, but who lack the necessary tools, technical expertise, or IT resources. Powerful out-.of-the-box visualization templates help you easily discover patterns, trends, and relationships that are otherwise difficult to find. Desktop allows the user to connect to the data, intuitively create interactive dashboards to discover hidden insights, and then publish and share those insights with anyone. Desktop enables the users to effortlessly build dashboards by choosing from a wide range of interactive visualizations. The user can drag and drop the data to customize view, sort, pivot, drill, and use aggregations to apply statistical analysis.The dashboards can easily be shared with an audience using email delivery, all in just a few clicks. MicroStrategy Developer is a full fledged application typically used by MicroStrategy Professionals. Developer is a comprehensive interface that allows the user to generate reports and dashboards using end to end capabilities of the complete MicroStrategy suite.

Analytics Desktop is a single-user, on-premises version of MicroStrategy desktop. Like Desktop, can be easily accessed and used to explore data using interactive visualizations. Unlike Desktop, it’s not possible to build pixel-perfect documents, schedule automated deliveries, or build custom mobile interfaces in Analytics Desktop.

Analytics Desktop allows you to create MicroStrategy files (.mstr) to share dashboards with other Analytics Desktop, Analytics Express and MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise users via email. Analytics Desktop also allows you to easily and rapidly export data to Excel, interactive PDF files, images, and CSV files. Using the Developer, the documents can be converted to pdf, excel to be emailed; they can be scheduled to delivery to history list, mobile, update cache.The reports done can be emailed by converting to excel, word, access, text, html, pdf. They can be scheduled to delivery to history, update cache or mobile. All you need is a web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. To view dashboards using iPad, the user can download the free MicroStrategy Mobile App from the iTunes App Store. For the best experience, use iOS version 4.3.3 or newer.

Analytics Desktop is an on-premises solution that delivers a subset of the features of developer, primarily data import and data visualization capabilities whereas Developer does all the work from data import to final document sharing with pixel perfect formatting.

Analytics Desktop can be viewed only in browser and can only be viewed in flash and design modes. Developer can be viewed in desktop, browser, mobile, ipad, iphone and can be viewed in design, flash, html, pdf modes.

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