Microstrategy-9s Overview

The latest release of MicroStrategy Mobile is MicroStrategy 9.5(9s). MicroStrategy 9.5 integrates the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform with Usher. Usher is a mobile identity platform that allows you to control access to your MicroStrategy applications using bio metrics, location and time-based restrictions, and multi-factor authentication, without requiring a password. MicroStrategy 9.5 supports Usher as a primary authentication method for logging into a project through MicroStrategy Mobile and MicroStrategy Web. Usher is also supported for two-factor authentication in Web.


MicroStrategy Web users can log in to a Web project by:

  • Scanning a QR code using the Usher app on their smart phones, if Usher is configured as the primary authentication method
  • Supplementing their username and password with a numerical Usher Code that is provided via the Usher app on their smart phones, if Usher is configured as the second factor of authentication.
  • MicroStrategy Mobile users can log in to a Mobile project by accessing Mobile on a smartphone that has the Usher app and a valid Usher badge downloaded. MicroStrategy Mobile authenticates users with the Usher app.


About Usher:

  • Usher mobile app dematerializes the traditional ID into mobile identity. Ushers electronic verification is highly secure, safe, accurate and up to date.
  • Usher can link the mobile identity to the person bio metrically, to the phone cryptographically, and to ID systems dynamically through out band channels. These links make the mobile identity always accurate and impossible to counterfeit or steal.
  • Usher is the most comprehensive mobile identity platform in the world. Its four components work in parallel to provide enterprises with an industrial strength identity ecosystem. The four components are Usher mobile, Usher manager, Usher intelligence, Usher vault.

○      Usher mobile: The mobile app that replaces physical forms of identification.
○      Usher intelligence: The application that analyses identity activity across the enterprise.
○      Usher manager: The administrative control center for managing the entire Usher system.
○      Usher vault: The secure server that provides out of band ID flow and encryption.
Usher mobile is an elegant and powerful mobile app that let users validate credentials, access applications and entryways and authorize transactions using five identification panels.They are Bluetooth panel, Key panel, Site code, Usher badge, Validation panel. Usher mobile can be used for validating identifies, Log in to applications, Unlock entryways and authorize transactions.

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