Microstrategy Analytics Express – Simple, Smart and Fast

Microstrategy Analytics Express is a fast, effortless, and a beautiful way to explore data and share insights in the cloud. It is a self-service business analytics solution designed to help the business user analyze data by themselves , without expert assistance.

Delivered as a SaaS solution, Analytics Express lets you access data instantly and securely without complex scripting, explore information using compelling data visualizations, design boardroom-quality documents, deliver personalized data to thousands of recipients, create custom interfaces for publishing data to mobile users.

Prominent features of Analytics express are,

  • Analytics Express can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser or an iPad.
  • Analytics Express is designed for business people who need to visualize, analyze, and deliver data on their own but who lack the necessary tools, technical experience, or IT resources.
  • No special training or experience is required to use Analytics Express. With Analytics Express, you can create your own interactive dashboards in minutes without any specialized training.
  • Analytics Express can connect to a number of database systems located on premises or in the cloud. The users can also upload Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or CSV files directly from your computer or from an online source such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Teh user can securely access all their Salesforce.com data from within Analytics Express and select any existing Salesforce.com report they wish to analyze.
  • Analytics Express allows the users to combine data from different sources. The user can upload, blend, and analyze data from multiple sources on a single dashboard to gain even better insights.
  • Each user has 1GB of in-memory cube space. Data imported into Analytics Express is stored as in-memory cubes on cloud servers to facilitate faster response times and optimize performance.
  • Analytics Express has built-in drivers to connect to a large list of databases with just IP address and user login information. If the database is behind a firewall, an optional VPN tunnel can be set up for the connection.
  • In Analytics Express, one can have the ability to invite users to their team to view, modify, or control dashboards, and also have the option to deliver dashboards via email to other users.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Analytics Express is delivered via the cloud, all you need is a web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. If you want to view dashboards using your iPad, download the free Microstrategy Mobile App from the iTunes App Store.

The Web browsers supported  are:

  • Windows users: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 13+, Chrome 20+.
  • Apple users: Safari 5.1+, Firefox 13+, Chrome 20


Here is the link for sign in/sign up for Microstrategy Analytics Express: