MicroStrategy Analytics Platform Overview

MicroStrategy analytics platform delivers information on all devices & formats including web, mobile, PDF, email & office, integrating with any item of data – hosted/cloud databases, Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, spreadsheets, etc.

Three main product offerings are as follows:

1. MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop – MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop is a fast, user-friendly visual analytics tool. Designed for self-service, it empowers business people to analyze and understand data without specialized expertise. With Analytics Desktop, it takes just minutes to create stunning, interactive data visualizations and data-driven stories that create new insight and new understanding.

Its FREE, and currently works on Windows machines. Download or more information.

2. MicroStrategy Analytics Express – MicroStrategy Analytics Express is a Software-as-a-Service solution (Cloud offering) that enables business users to publish and share analytics. With Analytics Express you can easily build branded mobile apps in hours with beautiful data visualizations, pixel-perfect® dashboards, and personalized data.

In other words we see it as a cloud version of the Analytics Desktop, its currently free for one year. Sign up.

3. MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise – MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise is the complete software that can be hosted on premises or in the cloud. Customers primarily have two ways of implementing Analytics Enterprise –

  1. Customers can buy the software and host it on their premesis or on their own cloud.
  2. Customers can sign up for MicroStrategy’s cloud service (MicroStrategy Analytics Enterprise on Amazon Web Services).

MicroStrategy evaluation version is available for 30 days, in two ways – download the software or get free trail on AWS. Check out the system requirements for evaluation version.

Here whats included in the evaluation version:

  • A fully functional version of the award-winning MicroStrategy Analytics platform, including software to build your own dashboards.
  • Powerful 64bit MicroStrategy Universal Edition with 500 named user licenses
  • Interactive product demos.
  • Multimedia-based training.
  • Step-by-step tutorials, sample data, and pre-built dashboard samples.
  • Reference guides, user manuals and product documentation.
  • Free online training.
  • Free email support for 30 days.
  • Free quick start guide.