Good to have MicroStrategy Features (Sep 2009)

I have been playing around with this tool for few years, all this time there are few things that I thought would be good to have within the tool, few of them were implemented and few were not.
Here are few feature which I think would be good to have…(excuse me if they dont make sense for any one).

  • Version control (I think we have this in 9, I havent tried).
  • MAC support, atleast for desktop.
  • Images in grid and graph reports.
  • Attribute disable – Like if I dont want to use this attribute, I might want to make it inactive, so that it is not deleted at the same time not functioning (so no joins are affected).
  • Object back up – Not the metadata back up, but a back up strategy strategy for invidual object in a different format and should be supportive to resote the object definition back.
  • Logical model diagrams- this might be really stupid, but would be good to have, some thing similar to SQL server diagrams.
  • Ability to port two I-servers on a same machine.

There are few more that I wanted to see, I am sure many of you might be having some thing in mind which you think will be good to have.

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