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Tips, tricks and fixes I have been waiting for……

Placing an attribute in between metrics in a report or dashboard. This is not directly supported in MSTR.

Trick: Create a derived metric with max function. For example, lets assume we need to place the attribute “Customer” between metrics. A derived metric with “max” function can be created as “Max(Customer)”. This derived metric can be placed anywhere between the metrics. DO NOT remove the Customer attribute from the report, in case that needs to be hidden, make the column width zero. Removing the customer attribute might provide desired results.

The width of all the “data lines” in a horizontal line graph can not be modified dynamically in a dashboard.

Trick: The width of the data lines can not be modified dynamically in a dashboard or report, but in case where there are fixed number of data lines, width can be modified. Execute the report (the same dataset in the dashboard) in a graph view. Now modify the width of all the data lines manually. Save the graph style to your local machine and apply the saved graph style to the graph in the dashboard. All the data lines should now be modified. Remember, this only works with fixed number of data lines in the graph.

Fixes I have been waiting for…

Flash Dashboard (.mht files) compatibility in the body of Outlook 2007.
Rotation of X-axis label in a graph doesn’t not work with Flash Dashboards.
When a free-form SQL report is used in HTML document, formatting is not as expected in FireFox and a solution could not be easily.

If there is a fix which I am not aware, I would be happy to know about it.

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