Existing metadata DSN and pointing the I-server to a new DSN/Mustafa Ali Khan(NALGAN)

I wanted to share my thoughts on “viewing the metadata information to which the I-server is connected to AND connecting the I-server to an other metadata (existing)” and express what I think about the ease of dealing with it.

Viewing/changing the metadata DSN:

Metadata DSN can be viewed in the registry of the I-server. Navigate to the following path in the registry of the server where MicroStrategy is installed – “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\MicroStrategy\Data Sources\Castor Server”
You can find the key “LOCATION”. 

The value of LOCATION is the DSN (ODBC entry) of the metadata to which the I-server is pointed to. 

This can be modified to point the I-server to different metadata. DSN mentioned here should be a ODBC entry (System DSN) on the server.


The above mentioned process is simple and easy. And I understand that the metadata information will only be stored in the registry of the I-server. But wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a GUI tool built in MSTR to change the metadata DSN? 
In one way, it might not be a good idea as we do not want the built in tool to change some thing in the registry of the server.

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