MicroStrategy Cloud Platform – Platform for Performance

MicroStrategy Cloud plays a vital role in providing the Business Intelligence software to world to build applications much quicker than before with “MicroStrategy Cloud Platform”

Data architecture in cloud to deliver the highest performance and security is achieved with Cloud Platform.

Cloud platform gives us access to timely and powerful analytics that provides customers with Data Hosting and comprehensive BI platform services to analyse vast amounts of data and scaling to hundreds of thousands of business users insight throughout the enterprise.

Its purpose built to handle the demands of enterprise business intelligence, supporting rapid, cost-effective development of BI, with 100x the capacity of a typical on-premises BI environment that scales dynamically from tens of users to tens of thousands users”, MicroStrategy said.

Since it is continuously monitored and optimized by an elite team of performance specialists, where service is configured and maintained and we don’t need to worry about provisioning hardware, tuning the architecture, or upgrading software.

This service from MicroStrategy is helpful to deliver the highest available levels of security and operational control which leverages secure virtualized BI environments, data encryption for vast and leading organizations.

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