MicroStrategy Cloud Enterprise – Secure data in cloud

MicroStrategy Cloud is transforming business intelligence to a new era for delivery of model for building analytical applications. Within the cloud infrastructure, it takes on the responsibility of building and maintaining the hardware and software framework that includes data integration, and data hosting which is customer’s data. It understands this and protecting the data with “MicroStrategy Cloud Enterprise”.

A multi-pronged strategy used to secure systems application, platform, and physical data with Cloud Enterprise.
Cyber-security is a highly specialized expertise that is evolving continuously. MicroStrategy employs the foundation of adaptive

defense independent, third-party audit services and uses internal monitoring and alerting systems to neutralize and enabling it to automatically adjust defensive posture in response to incidents and imminent threats.

“The foundation of adaptive defense is the system of people, processes, and tools that tightly couples security and manage the systems data”, MicroStrategy said.

This service of MicroStrategy has been tested for security countermeasures and processes to safeguard data throughout the cloud environment.

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