Intermediate Table Type in MicroStrategy

Different intermediate table types that can be used in MicroStrategy are defined below. These can be found in the VLDB properties. 

Permanent Table
Permanent tables are normal tables and are accessible to all the users on the databases (based on DB privileges). Permanent tables does not mean that are left of the database, they are deleted at the end of the SQL, unless “drop” command is not included in query execution.

Derived Table
Derived table is a nested “select..” statement. Its a virtual table which is calculated from a “select” statement on the fly. Processing of the derived table is done on the database server memory. As there is no table created on the DB, all the processing is done only on the database server’s memory.

True Temp table
True temp tables are standard temporary tables. Based on the database, command to create true temp table might vary. Example: In DB2 UDB, “declare global temporary table” is used to create a true temp table. Also, in databases like MySQL and Netezza, true temp tables are dropped after the connection to the DB is terminated.

True Temp View
When using this option, “Create view” command is used instead of “create table”. However, there are some cases where “create view” will not be used even when defined. This is the expected behavior and MSTR knowledge base should have more information on this.

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