Finding out all the free-form SQL reports in a MicroStrategy project

There is no option with in the desktop to find out the list of free-form SQL reports in a MicroStrategy project. The list can be pulled by querying the metadata.

What you need is the access to metadata. So that you can connect and run the below query.

select a11.object_name from dssmdobjinfo a11, dssmdobjdepn a12 where a11.object_id=a12.object_id and a12.depn_objid in(select a13.object_id from dssmdobjinfo a13, dssmdobjdepn a14 where a13.object_id=a14.object_id and a13.object_type=15 and a14.depnobj_type=29) and a11.object_type = 3 and a12.depnobj_type = 15 and a11.project_id = ‘GUID of the project‘ and a12.project_id = a11.project_id

Replace “GUID of the project” with the GUID of the project.

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