Wisdom by MicroStrategy – Chaitanya Induru (Nalgan)

MicroStrategy has developed a new application “MicroStrategy Wisdom” using its Business Intelligence software.
MicroStrategy Wisdom is the world’s most extensive market Intelligence network, that can be used for mapping the human landscape of preferences and activities. It is the first network that brings data together from big data cloud networks for real-time insights.

It is an analytical application that can explore the full spectrum of consumer data contained in networks. The data is derived from the collective intelligence of the Wisdom Network, where millions of consumers have “opted in” to contribute data anonymously.

According to MicroStrategy, “Wisdom Professional is a powerful BI application used by marketers to perform market research and consumer analysis”

It is the intelligence network to accumulate the most extensive network of people and their connections to every product, place, celebrity, interest, and activity in the world. Large data that exists in Social networks like Facebook, Product networks like Amazon, Government networks like the Census, Reference and Mapping networks can be assembled using this MicroStrategy service.

Wisdom provides panoramic (all-around) view of what people like, want and do for the organizations for better decision making. It also helps in analyzing business, where one can desire to compare his business with competitor’s business and improve the areas which are lagging behind.

It is a free, fun and interactive application that acts like personal recommendation and polling services. Now it’s easy to stay on top of your Facebook friends, news, views, chatter, and things that matter to you most. And it is faster with real time data (added more than 500 Tb per day).

Wisdom is a powerful consumer research system that provides a business with unprecedented insights into consumer’s interests, activities and motivations.

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