Various MicroStrategy Suites available for FREE Reporting (Sep 2011)

MicroStrategy provides three versions of Business Intelligence software for free – Free Software TrailFree Reporting Suite,Free Mobile BI Suite. There could be questions on which one to use for a reporting environment. This depends on the number of audience, type of BI architecture to be designed, etc. 

Below listed are the major difference among the three reporting suites mentioned above.

Free Software Trail is a fully functional MicroStrategy software which can be downloaded for both Windows (a CD could be requested for Windows) and Linux. Not all versions of Windows and Linux are supported.

Free Software Trail comes with a 30 days license and once expired can be reinstall on the same machine. This version is not intended for commercial use. more..

Free Reporting Suite is a free MicroStrategy Software with limited functionality and licenses. It includes most of the Reporting functionalities a business might need. This version is available for download only.

Licenses are available in 3 packages. Number of Web Reporter Licenses vary between the three packages – 25, 50, 100. All the other type of licenses are static and are available 2 of each except the administrator license which is one. This structure remains same across all the three packages. Licenses for MicroStrategy Object Manager, MicroStrategy Command Manager, MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager, MicroStrategy Integrity Manager, MultiSource Option, SDK are not available with the Free Reporting Suite but could be purchased.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Unix, Linux. more..

Free Mobile BI Suite is similar to Free Reporting Suite, a free software bundle. The licensing structure is different in Free Mobile BI Suite and is targeted for more number of Mobile users. This version is available for download only.

Only 25 named user licenses are available which limits to the number of web reporters to 25. Most of the other type of licenses are similar to Free Reporting Suite, 2 of each, except the following which are licensed for 25 users.

MicroStrategy Mobile
MicroStrategy Report Services
MicroStrategy OLAP Services  more..

Free Reporting Suite and Free Mobile BI Suite are designed for commercial use and additional licenses can be purchased.

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