Security Filter vs. Security Role

Security Filter vs. Security Role

When I initially started playing on this tool, it was always confusing for me between Security Filters and Security Roles. I will briefly describe the difference between those two.

Security Filter: A filter applied in the report (reflects in the where clause of the SQL) and can be associated to a user or a group per project. If a Security filter is linked to a user, this reflects in the where clause of any report the user executes (might be ad-hoc or canned). 

Security Role: In simple words, it is grouping of privileges. Like if a user can “execute a report”, “create new report”, “drilling option” and so on. A Security Role can be linked to a User or group. 

Security Role is nothing to do with the data. It is designed to provide privileges based on who is logging in, on the other hand Security Filter is restricting the data.

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