Scheduling (and alerting) an automatic re-start of I-server

Most of you might be familiar with this. I am describing a simple and easy way to schedule an automated I-server re-start (and alerting before the re-start) using command manager and Narrowcast service.

Lets assume we wanted to restart the I-server every thursday at about 8pm EST. A simple way of doing this is as described below.

Step 1: Create a command manager script with a .scp extension. Save the file as “i_server_restart.scp” and the file contains the following code-

Step 2: Create a batch file with .bat extension with a file name “i_server_restart.bat” and the file contains
@echo off
“C:\Program Files\MicroStrategy\Administrator\Command Manager\cmdmgr.exe” -n “ISERVERNAME” -u Administrator -ppassword -f C:\CMD_SCP\i_server_restart.scp -o C:\CMD_SCP\logs\i_server_restart.out
dir C:\windows

Step 3: Using windows scheduler, schedule the batch file to execute at 8:00pm EST every Thursday. This batch file should execute the command manager script which is saved in step 1 and log the execution as mentioned.

Step 4: Create a simple Narrowcast service with the list of subscribers which executes at 7:55pm (or any time you want) every Thursday. This email can be used to alter anyone about the re-start.

Note: Orange bold text to be modified accordingly.

There are many tasks that can be done in the same process. Simply change the command manager script (as needed) and the way batch file executes can also be changed (if needed). Most ETL tools should be able to execute the batch files to make it event driven.

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