MSTR 9.2.1m installation guide/Sateesh

To install Microstrategy 9.2.1m, Please follow the below steps.
1) Navigate to the Microstrategy Downloaded folder and double click on Microstrategy Application.exe file to start the installation.Application.exe file to start the installation.

2) Once the installation is started you will see the below page.
• Click Install software button to start the process.


3) Click “Begin Microstrategy Platform Installation” button to begin the installation.


4) If this is the first time you have installed MicroStrategy, you are prompted to choose the language for the wizard. Select the appropriate language from the drop-down list and click OK.


5) Welcome: Read the information on the welcome screen and proceed to the next step.

6) If any services are running for previously installed MicroStrategy products, you are prompted to stop them. Click Yes to proceed. If you click No, you cannot install MicroStrategy products until you stop all MicroStrategy services.


7) License Agreement
Read the license agreement, and accept or decline the agreement by clicking the appropriate button. If you decline, you cannot install MicroStrategy products.


8) Customer Information
Enter the following customer information:

  • User Name
  • Company Name
  • License Key
  • Licensed users can contact Technical Support to obtain a licensekey.


9) Choose Destination Location
Browse to the locations where the MicroStrategy products and MicroStrategy Common files are to be installed:


10) Select Features
You can select the MicroStrategy products to install as well as define the Location in which to install the products


11) Verify the installation products which are supported and not supported.
• Click OK to continue the installation.


12) Once you have selected all required MicroStrategy products and defined the proper installation locations, if you are prompted to stop your MicroStrategy Web server, click Yes. If you click No, you cannot continue with the installation until you stop your MicroStrategy Web server.


13) Server Activation:
If you install one or more MicroStrategy Server products,you can request an Activation Code to activate your MicroStrategy Server products upon completion of the installation process. MicroStrategy Server products include:
• MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
• MicroStrategy Web or Web Universal
• MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server
• MicroStrategy Integrity Manager

14) Server Information
Specify information about your Intelligence Server installation. Enter the following characteristics:
• Name: distinguishes the name of this Intelligence Server installation From any other Intelligence Server installations in your company
• Location: physical location of the machine on which Intelligence Server is installed
• Use: description of how Intelligence Server is used
Click Privacy Statement to view the MicroStrategy Privacy Statement.


15) Contact Information
You see this page if you indicated that you are not an employee of the company licensed to use this software, and are installing the software on behalf of that company.
Specify contact information for the employee licensed to use the software. After your installation is complete an email containing the Activation Code is sent to the email address you confirm in this software activation step. For descriptions of what information to include in the text fields, press F1 to view the MicroStrategy online help.
 Note the following:
• Select the check box at the bottom of the page if you want to receive notifications about product updates, events, and special offers from MicroStrategy.
• Click Privacy Statement to view the MicroStrategy Privacy Statement.


16) Request Activation Code:
This page includes options to request an Activation Code now or at a later time. This page provides the following options:
• Select Yes, I want to request an Activation Code and click Next to request an Activation Code. The Activation Code is sent to the email addresses specified in the Installer Information and Contact Information pages. This email is sent upon completion of the installation process.
• Select No, I will request the Activation Code at a later time and click Next to request an Activation Code at a later time.
If you choose to request an Activation Code at a later time, a message is displayed that instructs you how to request an Activation Code after the installation procedure is completed You have a grace period of 30 calendar days to activate your installation. If you do not complete the activation before the grace period expires, your MicroStrategy products stop functioning until you activate it. If you wait to activate your installation, you receive periodic reminders.


17) MicroStrategy Office Configuration:

You see this page if you choose to install MicroStrategy Office and if you do not have a previous version of MicroStrategy Office installed. Select the check boxes to enable MicroStrategy Office for the associated Microsoft applications. You can configure MicroStrategy Office to integrate with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.
The MicroStrategy Office toolbars added to the Microsoft Office applications that you select.


18) Review the setting and Click Install button to start the installation process.

19) Start Copying Files:


20) MicroStrategy Installation Wizard Complete:
If the option to restart your machine appears, select Yes I want to restart my computer now to ensure that the installation process finishes correctly. This is the recommended procedure, but you can also choose to continue without restarting.
Click Finish to complete the installation.


21) Installation verification:
During the installation routine, the MicroStrategy Installation Wizard gathers and records information about your system and your installation selections. You can verify installation setup information through the installation log file (install.log), located by default in:
• 32-bit Windows environments:
C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\MicroStrategy.\
• 64-bit Windows environments: C:\Program Files (x86)\
Common Files\MicroStrategy.
After restarts the computer, go to start-> microstrategy->Licence Manager.
Click Licence Administration tab and enter the Licence key for activation.


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