MicroStrategy World 2015 – A Report


MicroStrategy hosted its 18th annual world conference, World between in Las Vegas. The biggest gathering of enterprise analytics experts in the world was held between January 26 – 29, 2015. The previous edition of World emphasized on Mobile BI and changing the scope for businesses. In 2015 the focus shifted in offering practical guidance on how to take advantage of the latest industry trends through various workshops and interactive sessions. The sessions helped the participants to learn how to leverage on their MicroStrategy investment and how other global organizations have revolutionized their business using MicroStrategy’s enterprise class analytics, mobile, and security solutions. In addition to these, a complete track on the demonstration of latest innovation, the USHER application with an opportunity to get certified on the platform and much more.

Michael Saylor, CEO said “Enterprise Analytics, Mobility, and Security are three of the top of IT agendas in 2015, 9S and the S stands for secure of course, is going to revitalize our installed base. It’s going to inject a lot of electricity into our existing customer relationships. It’s going to change the playing field in the enterprise analytics space, because now we can secure via biometrics or multi factor authentication traditional enterprise analytics that are deployed via a web browser on a conventional PC. We have been hard at work upgrading the capabilities of the MicroStrategy platform to address these rapidly evolving requirements, and MicroStrategy World 2015 is the ideal venue for us to share our new products with our customers and partners”

Michael Saylor also addressed on how businesses in 2015 would wrestle with continued data growth, the move to mobile computing, the increased threat of cyber attacks, and how MicroStrategy’s innovative technology offerings can help companies navigate these market shifts. He also announced MicroStrategy’s latest product capabilities that can secure analytics implementations and significantly reduce the risk of fraud and cyber crime.

MicroStrategy also Unveiled Powerful New Platforms for Enterprise Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and Enterprise Security which brings MicroStrategy 9s™ Enterprise-Grade Cyber security to Analytics for the First Time and MicroStrategy secure cloud with 9S plus Usher available on top of the Amazon platform, integrated with best-of-breed enterprise relational database and ETL platforms.

MicroStrategy 9s: It is a comprehensive, unified platform that is designed to ensure the security of the most valuable enterprise asset, information. Uniquely positioned at the nexus of analytics, security, and mobility, MicroStrategy 9s can enhance every MicroStrategy Analytics™ and MicroStrategy Mobile™ application with additional authentication security, enhanced user administration, and user authentication tracking. By removing security concerns as an inhibitor, MicroStrategy 9s can allow our customers and partners to more confidently deploy applications that deliver powerful business value to the enterprise.

MicroStrategy Usher: It is designed to make enterprise security simple. It is a powerful mobile identity platform designed to provide security for business processes and systems across the enterprise. The product can replace traditional passwords with biometric mobile identity and multi-level authentication, and offers enhanced, streamlined security administration capabilities. MicroStrategy Usher features include digital badges issued via smart phone, geo-fenced environment access, time-fenced access restrictions, and Touch ID access on mobile.

MicroStrategy Secure Cloud: The new MicroStrategy Secure Cloud platform for analytics, mobile and security applications is architected to deliver best-of-breed MicroStrategy and Usher software via the cloud, with pre-configured, ready to go MicroStrategy servers, coupled with the required supporting infrastructure with metadata databases, relational databases, and big data storage. With the MicroStrategy Secure Cloud, MicroStrategy analytics, mobile, and security applications can be ready to be deployed in minutes.

Featured keynote speakers include executives from a number of industry-leading MicroStrategy customers, such as:

  • USPS – by John Edgar, Vice President
  • Cisco Solutions – by Harpreet Geekee, CTO
  • Amazon Web Services – by Brian Matsubara, Head of Global Technology Alliances
  • NHS – by Jill Young, CEO
  • IMS Health – by Salvatore Paolozza, Director, Nexus Performance
  • Target – by Cisco Skanson, Director of Technology

MicroStrategy Professional Services hosted a series of TechTalks aimed at pairing representatives from strategic customer accounts with the leading field technology experts. Focus areas include:

  • Retail Solutions – Store Operations
  • Customized Solutions with MicroStrategy SDK
  • Big Data, BI and Analytics
  • Salesforce.com Analytics
  • Implementing in Memory Data Management with EMMA
  • Self Service Analytics with MicroStrategy Desktop and Express
  • BI Architecture, DWH Design and Performance Practices
  • Mobile Applications and Solutions
  • Solution and Technology Adoption
  • Upgrading to MicroStrategy Analytics

More than 30 world-class companies presented their best practices demonstrating how they have deployed MicroStrategy to improve operational efficiencies, increase revenues, and enhance business performance.

Overall MicroStrategy world 2015 had been a great event!

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