MicroStrategy SQL Engine & Query Engine

SQL Engine & Query Engine are two different components within the product. Below are the differences between them:

SQL engine is a software component in the I-server which communicates with the metadata to generate the SQL. When a report is executed, the SQL engine interacts with the metadata to get the definitions of all the objects used in the report, to construct the SQL.

Any intermediate tables created in the SQL, generated by SQL engine will have tables name with around six alpha-numeric characters like “ZZMD00”.

Query engine is a software component in the I-server which fires the SQL generated by SQL engine to the warehouse. In a report execution mechanism, the query engine plays a role after the SQL engine. Query engine interacts with the warehouse to extract the output of the report.

Any intermediate tables generated in the SQL, fired by the query engine will have table names with around 16 alpha-numeric characters like “ZZTB40U0SA6MD000 “.

Tip: When a report with many temp tables is executed. The details in the job monitor show the SQL of the report. Based on the temp table names the pass which is currently being executed by the query engine can be figured for monitoring purposes.

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