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We have many new MicroStrategy 9.0 features, and lots to explore. One such feature in debates is Multiple Layout Dashboard and its use case.

We have a long pending question here, what is the use case for the Multiple layouts in the Dashboards? How it is different from the dashboard panels?

The multiple layout dashboard (More than one dashboard clubbed together) is same as a document with multiple panels. In both the cases we have a single data xml. Then question comes is, will performance going to hamper while loading such a huge data xml in the memory in case of Multiple Layout Dashboard as against two dashboards?

I see Multiple Layout dashboard, i.e., MicroStrategy 9.0 feature as discussed below:

Suppose the requirement is to develop dashboard with analysis by Inventory, Supply and Sales. We can have a dashboard with 3 panels Inventory, Supply and Sales, then analysis again divided into sub panels. Ultimately then the dashboard has to be developed by a single developer I suppose, as it is not possible that three developers will develop 3 panels of dashboard simultaneously with multiple sub panels and later 3 parent panels clubbed into a single dashboard. But we have a bulky analysis on each on these categories; it is recommended to build three individual dashboards on Inventory, Sales and Supply.

With this requirement fixed, we have few questions (Clients are generally used to it) Can we have a single interface where user can see all the dashboards on same screen? Can we have a single flash file for all the dashboards? Can we develop dashboard in very short time?

Answer is Yes to all of the questions. We can have a single screen where user can select the dashboard to view without taking any time, We can have a single flash file for set of dashboards. We can have individual dashboards being developed simultaneously and then clubbed into one (time will not be a constraint now with this feature).

Pros and Cons:

•We can have a single interface to view multiple dashboards
•Dashboards can we developed simultaneously following the same template and formatting
•Time and resources can now go hand in hand
•Single flash file for multiple dashboards

•Bulky flash file may eat up memory to load the file in the browser (Common datasets among documents can reduce this down)
•Customization of the dashboard links on the single screen is a challenge (We have SDK experts)

Please feel free to share your ideas and comments on the article.

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