MicroStrategy Cloud Personal – Craft yourself personal

MicroStrategy brings Business Intelligence software down to personal level with “MicroStrategy Cloud Personal

A service gets easier to design, analyze and publish data through Cloud Personal.

Cloud personal is a very interactive service. It works on public data sets which enables turning spreadsheets (Excel files) into data visualizations that can be shared online. These interactive dashboard analyses can also be published in websites, blogs and social media. We can also use cloud personal in I-Pads anytime, anywhere for gesture-based interactions and deliver an amazing user experience.

“It is absolutely free, fun, fast and smarter than spreadsheet, where everyone can show off their data which is in control and secured”, according to MicroStrategy.

It is good and optimal for entrepreneurs, data scientists, journalists, professors, students and anyone who needs to analyze their data and communicate to others and there are 20 sample dashboards available for the novice too.

This service from MicroStrategy is helpful for individuals for self-service with better interactions.

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