List of tools/utilities in MicroStrategy 9 Release 2 BI Software (Feb 2010)

List of MicroStrategy tools, in the latest release, MicroStrategy 9 Release 2 (download)

Development tools
MicroStrategy Desktop
MicroStrategy Architect
MicroStrategy Jump-Start (new)
MicroStrategy SDK

Deploy/Manage (Administration)
MicroStrategy I-Server
MicroStrategy OLAP Services (with new features)
MicroStrategy Object Manager (with new features)
MicroStrategy Command Manager
MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager
MicroStrategy Integrity Manager
MicroStrategy Health Center (new)

“Report” Tools
MicroStrategy Office
MicroStrategy Web (with new features)
MicroStrategy Mobile (with new features)
MicroStrategy Report Services (with new features)
MicroStrategy MultiSource Option
MicroStrategy Distribution Services
MicroStrategy Reporting Suite (all free)

MicroStrategy Jump-Start and MicroStratey Health Center are two amazing tools in the latest release.

Briefly, MicroStrategy Jump-Start is a skeleton project with more than 30 pre-designed reports and report service documents. This project can be connected to an existing database. I am guessing, with simple tweaks, it should be plug and play.

MicroStratey Health Center, a free utility that automatically scans all MSTR servers. Glad to see such a utility. May be some thing like a “doctor” for the I-servers. I was hoping to see such tool.

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