How to create information window on MicroStrategy Mobile/Mustafa Ali Khan(NALGAN)

Create  a panel stack and define it as “Information Window”. This can be done by checking the option “Use as Information Window” under Properties > General > Title Bar

The above panel stack will not act as an information window and can be called from any text box, attributes on grid, images, etc.

Calling the information window (example: from image) –
— Right click on the image, Under “Properties > General > Is Hyperlink”, select “Is Hyperlink”.
— In the hyperlink box, add “mstr://?evt=2048500&panelName=PanelStackName”
[where PanelStackName is the name of the Panel Stack which is defined as Information Window]

Now when a user clicks on the image, panel stack should pop-up on MicroStrategy Mobile.

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