How to Configure iPhone to Mobile Server/Vishal(NALGAN)

Configure MicroStrategy Mobile Server

To Install MicroStrategy Mobile Server in our Machine. We have to go to ‘All Programs’ in the Start Menu.
Choose Microstrategy, Mobile, Mobile Server and Mobile Administrator.

Mobile Administrator opens in the browser. First we have to add a server manually with the IP address of the Computer. The below screenshot, shows how the administrator is viewed in the browser.
Configuring iPhone/iPad in the Administrator

For Configuring iPhone, the iOS should be 3.x or 4.x or greater and will work only in iPhone 3G, 4 and higher. In the Administrator window, on the left side of the menu bar, we have Mobile Configuration link, from there we can configure a New Mobile.
For defining the configuration, we have to select the device and a new Window opens with 3 different settings.
iPhone Settings

We do not have to change anything in this section. All the default values are set and they reflect same in the mobile device as well.

Connectivity Settings

This is the section where we need to enter IP address of the computer and Mobile authentication and project authentication mode.


After this process we have to Configure New Project into the mobile server and save it.


Home Screen

This is the page where we set home screen in the Mobile device. This section allows us to include a folder or only a report or a dashboard into the mobile device as the home screen. By this the user can view only the specified reports or dashboards in the Mobile.


After the above 3 steps, we have to generate URL for the mobile device. When we save the configuration, it navigates to a different page where we can generate URL.


We have copy and send the link to the mobile device. When we open the link in the mobile device, MicroStrategy directly connects to the server and the home page in the device looks as shown below.


From the Shared Library folder we can access all the folders in the included project.


If we get an error saying, “request timed out”. We need to turn off the windows firewall. If the firewall is on, windows do not allow the device to connect to the server.

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