Compatibility Issue (older Desktop clients against 921m I-Server)/Ram Prakash

MicroStrategy has been growing rapidly in the last few years and it’s easy to get carried away with the new versions & all these new features & overlooking how our environments are setup & the impact it might cause if not setup correctly.
Wanted to alert everyone on an issue that was brought to my attention today. This affects environments with 921m I-Server with an older Desktop client (921, 902 etc.). This is not a recommended configuration, but I believe lot of us might fall in this scenario especially our DEV environment.

Problem: Documents created using Desktop client older than 921m (921, 902 etc.) against a 921m I-Server and then edited using 921m Desktop will get corrupted.

Behavior after corruption: Documents executed in Desktop 921m will result in error “Index out of range” and when executed in Web 921m will appear shrunk and truncated. Once the documents are corrupted, there is no way to fix them. MD backup is important in this case.

Key points for the problem to occur:
a. I-Server must be 921m
b. Desktop client used for creating documents must be older than 921m
c. Desktop client used for editing documents must be 921m

Solution: MicroStrategy is investigating this problem with urgency.

a. Web can be used to create and edit documents as the problem is limited to Desktop
b. If there is any fear that this configuration is in use, it is recommended to take a backup of the MD regularly (nightly)
c. Avoid using different versions of client and I-Server if possible

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